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Dr Katherine Iscoe

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In this Experts podcast we focus on a C word and it isn’t Coronavirus or COVID-19.

It’s confidence we’re talking about. We all need a little bit of Confidence Expert Dr Katherine Iscoe in our lives at the moment, especially as we’re surrounded by such confronting events.  The words of advice from Dr Kat in this podcast are very relevant in these times.

What I really enjoy about Dr Kat is her quirkiness and sense of humour. They are an essential part of her character, and combined with a razor sharp mind, you sense that her own confidence is drawn from these characteristics.

Media has given Dr Kat credibility. Even an appearance on Studio 10 resulted in an invitation to be a participant on stage at a major medical conference.

This edition of the Experts podcast is a must listen for those of you that already know Dr Kat and if you don’t know her, do your self a favour and get to know this remarkable woman. She doesn’t hold back and we wouldn’t want her to either. Enjoy!


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