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Debbie Rivers –

How long-distance couples are staying connected over video games.

…Even the experts agree, video games are a great way to keep the relationship alive, “‘It beats the boring standard conversation of ‘how was your day?'” says dating and relationship coach, Debbie Rivers, “Especially during COVID when people may not have anything interesting to come up with!”, she told 9News.

Debbie rates online dating highly and says she’s had plenty of success with her clients, “I hear many people telling me they don’t like online dating, however, if you want to go fishing you fish where the most fish are!”
Debbie’s tip for couples who want to increase attraction with each other is to do a fun activity that gets your heart rate up – and video games can do just that, “It works because there is something called the misattribution of arousal where the brain mistakes an increased heart rate being the same as when you get ‘excited”…