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Chris has 30 years’ experience in commercial radio and TV presenting.
Chris was the former host of 6PR’s evening program “Perth Tonight” and developed an ability to extract essential information from his guests – even the most unwilling interviewees.
Chris has interviewed many guests from local to national guests, including the Prime Minister, State and Federal Ministers, along with heads of industry. His talk-back program played host to many human-interest stories and his guests were experts on a wide range of topics.
Chris understands how to convey a story to draw a response or feeling from his audience. Listeners are interested in how stories/topics affect them and Chris has the ability to interview his guests with this in mind.
As an expert, it is important to be seen/heard as just that, however Chris has seen many times that those in the media think they know better than the expert. Chris will show you how to present as a confident expert, who is not nervous or intimidated by speaking with the media. He believes the most important word for an interviewee is anticipation – he can show you how, when and what to anticipate.
Chris knows what people face when confronted by a sometimes hostile (and at the very least daunting) media and can show how to turn media appearances to your advantage.
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Chris worked at Radio 6PR for 22 years. He appears regularly on Channel 9's The Pulse segment during the 5pm news, and also on The Couch on Foxtel.
Chris has conducted media training for various government and private sector companies.

Media training services offered:

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Price on request.

Chris is available for individual or group training sessions.