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PodCast – The Experts


I did struggle a little when interviewing Narelle Fraser for The Experts podcast as I have always had deep admiration and respect for the work of  our men and women in blue.

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Episode 4 – Steve Sammartino

Steve Sammartino’s energy and passion for the future hits you like a bus.

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Episode 3 – Melissa Ferrari

Melissa is a leading Relational Psychotherapy, Relationship Therapy and Coaching expert with over 20 years experience in helping people live more fulfilling and happy lives.

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Episode 2 – Simon Creek

Simon Creek is a lawyer specialising in family law and has blazed a media trail the envy of many in legal circles around the country.

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Episode 1 – Gerald Quigley

Gerald Quigley is the pharmacist we all know and love. An entertaining, informative and engaging expert. Rightfully, he was the best person to kick off this podcast, The Experts. Where we find out out what it takes to become an expert in the media.

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